today, 50 years of this song. everyone knows. regardless of language, everyone has heard this song at least once in lifetime.

"garota de ipanema" - tom jobim and vinícius de moraes (brasil)

from portugal. these two are amazing. the best performance in the world of this song. i really really love it!! so gorgeous!

ff & vanessa silva
the prayer


yesterday, portugal. filipe pinto won the portuguese edition of "idols", in 2009. this sound is called "carne crua" ("raw meat") and it's his first single.


this man is a mongolian overtone singer. this incredible and distinctive vocal performance name's humaí.
it is believed the art of overtone singing has originated from mongolia in today's khovd and govi-altai region. it's a tipe of singing in which the singer manipulate the resonances to produce a melody. harmony of up to 4 layers can be produced at the same time. so amazind :o

the instrument you can see this video is called morin khuur.

"when the sun goes down - arctic monkeys" live on the itunes festival 2011, at the roundhouse (london).
i really love this performance !m!


a cute cover of "price tag - jessie j", by maria aragon. enjoy : )

"comptine d'un outre été - yann tiersen".   
a soundtrack of "le fabuleux destin d'amélie poulin". love this song*.